We Care! Vocational Education: Health and Social Care


Students study 2 cases, write 2 dialogues and then practice the dialogues (small groups/pairs).

Basic skills: reading, talking, writing.

At first, students study Case 1 (small groups or pairs). They write a dialogue (it is possible to write 2 different dialogues and then choose the best one or cooperate and then to write only one dialogue.

After that students practise the dialogue. It is possible to pretend that this is a scene from a film and appoint a "film director" and a " camera crew " to videotape the performance.

The same activities are applied in Case Study 2

Afterwards, the groups/pairs present their dialogues.

Finally, the class discusses the best ways to solve the problems in these cases.

Students are assigned a credit.

Criteria for assessment: Students use the language actively. Everyone is involved in the activity.

If a student is shy, he/she can be a member of a "camera crew" or a "film director".

Worksheet with 2 cases to study (print out).