Poetry and Songwriting


Dette er et undervisningsopplegg i engelsk som skal hjelpe elever til å forstå og anvende poetiske virkemidler som "Rhyming/Rhyme Scheme" og "imagery: similes & metaphors" og få hjelp i den kreative prosessen med å skrive et eget dikt og/eller sangtekst.

  1. Work in pairs or groups of 3.
  2. Analyse the song “Seasons are changing” in terms of - rhyme scheme - imagery- meaning (You may choose to analyse another song).
  3. Start on the creative process of writing a poem of song lyrics.
  4. Choose a theme or a topic for the poem/song.
  5. Brainstorming: Make a mind map of everything that comes to your mind when thinking about this theme or topic.
  6. Choose the elements you want to use in your poem/song and start to write!

What do you want to express with your poem or song lyrics?

Show it to a fellow student and ask him or her how he or she understands it.

Pen and paper and/or PC