Journalism Trainee Scheme at the BBC: mini-project


Students practice basic skills: writing, reading and listening.

IT competence is important to complete the task successfully.

Students collect information from the BBC website.

Plakat "Morning Journal"

Foto: akg-images / NTB Scanpix. Lisens: CC-by-nc-nd

1. Students work in groups of 3-4. their task is to collect some information from the website; then they share the findings and write short answers.

2. Follow-up exercise:

Students  should prepare some info about the Journalism Trainee Scheme for the school radio program. Afterwards, the manuscripts are  read in the group. The group completes the final version of the radio report.

Next, they help each other to improve intonation and pronunciation. 

Finally, they include an interview with an expert in the field or a trainee.

The final version should be recorded (3-4 min.)

Each group is assigned a grade based on the final report.

laptop, headphones, the internet (compulsory)

pen/pencil, paper (optional)