Does American Soft Power Affect You and Your Classmates?


Students practise basic skills by doing a survey and writing / delivering a speech.

In advance  students keep a record of their meeting with American culture (a week record/diary)

The activity targets communication and writing skills.

The final product - a speech- can be recorded by using an app / software (lydinnspilling)


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1. Fill in  table 1(an individual week record)

2. Discuss your findings in small groups and draw conclusions.

3. Fill in table 2: group survey (discuss your findings in class; compare the results; create a class survey table if time permits)

4. Each student writes a manuscript discussing the question in focus (a 5-paragraph text); then students record the final speech after peer editing and counseling.

Each student is assigned a grade based.

Assessment criteria (manuscript and speech)

 -good command of English (different types of sentences, no fragments=unfinished sentences; rich vocabulary, correct grammar and spelling)

-deep content with fine examples (you have discussed the topic in focus to full extent )

- structure (intro-, main body, conclusion) A new paragraph in the main body discusses a new aspect of the task: you do not repeat the same ideas

- flow and cohesion (your paragraphs are bound  into one  text; you have some linking words too, e.g. however; all in all; anyway; moreover; whereas; although; at the same time; as…as; and yet… )

-the list of sources is attached at the bottom of your paper

-correct pronunciation (speech), good pace and intonation (speech)

- eye contact with the audience (speech)

- a handout

- a pen/pencil

- the internet (optional)

- a laptop / mobile for recording a speech (optional) The speech can be delivered in small groups/in class. the speech can be recorded in a language lab.