Ideas of How to Develop a Design Concept and a Company Logo



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Students shall develop a logo design. The process starts witha verbal description and visual concepts. one way of organising this is to make a mood board.

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Most of the ideas presented here can be used to generate ideas about a large variety of design projects, but the chosen project will be to design a company logo.

Where do you begin when you have been given the task of designing something? A good design begins with an idea and a design concept.

What is a Design Concept?

concept (n) – a general idea used to formulate a plan

Here a Design Concept means the idea behind a design and the plan you make to carry it out. This involves choices of colour, shape and aesthetics. A good design concept should help and guide you when making all necessary design decisions.

In order to come up with a design you can think of it in two ways:

  • Verbal: you need to put your ideas into words to describe your design
  • Visual: you can start by making a drawing and make decisions on shapes, colours, textures (which will later be organized in your mood board)

Get information – When designing a logo, a first step is to get ideas from your client about their brand, products, customers, their market and their goals.

Note! For practical reasons, in the classroom the teacher may provide the students with company profiles or ask the students to  work out a company profile as a starting point for the logo design.

Research – You should also do research into their industry, looking at competitors and competing products, trying to understand more about their market.

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself and your client.

  • What is your client’s brand and products?
  • Who are your client’s customers?
  • Which end of the market do they focus on?
  • What are your client’s unique selling points?
  • What kind of imagery, copy, etc. resonates with the market?

This is not an exhaustive list and you are free to ask any questions you like, but bear in mind that the goal here is to learn as much as possible about your client’s business as possible.

When speaking with your client listen for descriptive words, such as elegant, expensive, luxurious, affordable, friendly, prestigious, dynamic, sporty, casual, etc., i.e. words that convey meaning about your client’s brand.

Working on the verbal description of a company logo will hopefully generate visual concepts and sketches and you have to come up with ideas for:

  • Style/motive
  • Colour Schemes
  • Textures
  • Shapes
  • Layout

One way of proceeding with the design is to create a mood board, which is a collection of ideas, sources of inspiration and a selection of logo designs to choose from. Here’s a link to a youtube video on How To Use A Moodboard To Create A Logo

The mood board will function as a document for yourself and finally for your client when it comes to choosing one particular logo design. 

Work in groups of three. Start by brainstorming on a verbal description and the visual ideas for a logo. Make a mood board as a tool for presenting your ideas and logo designs.

Present your mood board to another group, who will then act as your client and choose one of the designs. The “client group” should give reasons for their choice.

Time: three double lessons.

Students should write a log describing what they do each lesson. The teacher may grade the mood boards.

PC, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, but can also be done by hand with pencils, crayons on paper.