Present your workbench


Eleven skal presentere sin arbeidsstasjon muntlig, ved å forklare hvordan den slik at fellesfaglærereren forstår hvordan den brukes. Dette innebærer å forklare hva de tekniske termene betyr.

You, as a student of Technical and industrial production, know quite a lot that we as English teachers simply do not. Your job will be to make a short presentation of one of the machines you use in the workshop. Remember: this presentation will have to be simple and well explained enough that even we (the unknowing teachers) will understand how to use the machine you have chosen correctly. This means you will have to explain how the machine works, and any technical terms, in a way that even your teacher can understand.

A few things to remember:

  • You are explaining something quite technical to people who are not very handy. Keep it simple.
  • Your pronunciation is important; we need to understand what you are saying.
  • Choose your words wisely and practice at home before giving the presentation.
  • If you use a technical term then explain it to us as if we were children. It is always better to explain something too thoroughly than to explain it too poorly.
  • Try to avoid pregnant pauses and “ææææææh” sounds. If uncertain, say: “I have to think for a second”



You will learn how to safely use the machine/workbench in question.



You will have two 45-minute classes to prepare your presentation.

You will have five minutes to present your machine.