Safety Matters

Oral presentation: EHS

Make a five minute oral presentation (powerpoint, video or similar) where you elaborate on environment, health and safety (EHS) and potential safety hazards in your field of work (building and construction). You get two weeks to finish your presentation.

Task: Choose one or more of the following tools and make a risk assessment: Angle grinder, Nail gun, Circular saw, Table saw, Bolt gun and Heat gun.

  1. Assess the risk.
  2. Assess the consequences.
  3. Suggest what form of action will reduce the risk(s).
  4. What else must be taken into consideration before you start to work?

Remember to build up your presentation like you do when you write an essay, with an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. You are encouraged to include pictures from “your own” work site. Remember to list your sources!

Forfatter: Rune Rasmussen, Sam Eyde vgs. Aust-Agder