Kattapult* : Project Table


Pupils build a table in a workshop at school. They improve manual skills and learn to work as a team.

English assignment targets basic skills such as writing, reading and speaking

  1. Watch a short cartoon Pat and Mat and write the summary of the episode (7 min. cartoon) Individually (practise writing a summary)
  2. Case study (pairwork) Filling in forms (individually or pairwork) (reading, writing, speaking)
  3. Safety regulations. Tools (pairwork/class discussion)
  4. Log writing (individually)
  5. Report writing (individually) Can be written in Norwegian.

Katta* - a nickname of Hamar katedralskole

  1. Get started. Watch a cartoon and write the summary of the episode. Pat and Mat are building a dog house in this cartoon.
  2. Case study. Filling in an accident record form.
  3. Tools (improving vocabulary) Pairwork . Safety at a workshop. Discussion.
  4. Write a log (day by day) Individual task.
  5. Write a report (in Norwegian).

Pupils are assessed individually.

Criteria: The quality of individual assignments and pairwork in class. English teachers can consider teamwork in workshop and discuss criteria with colleagues.

English part is assessed individually with mark from 1 to 6.

PC, pen, pencil, workbook