Jolly Good Fellows


Students find out what typical British traits are. Then they make a list of typical Norwegian characteristics. Finally, they produce a poster and vote for the best one. Students work in groups of 4.

Basic skills

  • Oral communication: listening and talking to peers
  • Digital skills: making a poster (photoshop)

Group work:

Get started: Find the traits that can be marked "typically British" (a word cloud). Students are given a list of British traits to discuss what is typical and what is not. They have to agree on 10 out of many; after that, they decide the order of the characteristics from 1 to 10.

Next step: Each group discusses and prepares a list of traits called "Typically Norwegian" . The final list is made after short discussion in class.

Next step: Students make a poster called Typically British or Typically Norwegian; and then the class votes for the best one.

The assessment is made by observing the groups. Students get credit for the exercise. The target of the lesson is to "make them talk".

PC, a word cloud for each group