Food 4 Thought: Case Study


Students practise different basic skills: reading, writing, talking.

Interpersonal relations and team work are also important in this exercise.

1. Students discuss 2 cases in small groups.

2. Then a group desides which problem they want to solve.

3. Students write a dialogue. They should include different professional words, polite phrases and discourse markers common in dialogues.

4. After rehearsal (it is essential to change roles too) each group performs the result.

5. The class discusses the best performance and the best solution.

6. Words/phrases can be written on the board under the categories: Polite phrases; Professional phrases; Discourse Markers (oral English: well, listen, look, great, OK, you know, right)

Each student is assigned a grade.

Criteria for assessment:

-good command of English

-team work



pen, paper (PC-optional)