It`s All in the Hair: Hair Stylist. Make a Leaflet

  • Students make a leaflet by using Microsoft Publisher
  • Students practise different basic skills (reading, writing, talking, digital skills)
  • They also use Cooperative Learning techniques (placemat) to learn the vocabulary from their line of work

Step 1: students work in groups of 4. The task is to learn new words and phrases from a website link and to select some important information for the leaflet.

Step 2: students make the leaflet.

Follow-up task: Students present their profession (qualifications, skills, job market) and explain what they have focused on in the leaflet.

Criteria for assessment:

  • leaflet (its content and aesthetic features)
  • ability to talk about the profession (group presentation) Good command of English is very important at this stage.

Each student is assigned a mark

PC, Internet, pen, paper, placemats should be made in advance