Mechanic, Welder and a Panel-technician: Present your future job


The assignment has 5 tasks that should provide the opportunity to practise basic skills, such as reading, listening and speaking/talking.

1. Students work individually or in pairs independently of the teacher. Some students can get help and guiding if the text on the website is too difficult for them. At first, each student tries to extract the essential information on qualifications, skills and responsibilities to fill in the table. The texts provide the opportunity to practise reading skills such as skimming, scanning and. searching for specific information.

2. The interview on the website covers pros and cons of the job. Searching for specific information is in the focus in this exercise.

3. Next step targets professional vocabulary of the website. The aim is to choose the most important words and phrases connected to the particular job; then to explain them in English or Norwegian.

4. Task 4 is meant to stimulate oral communication. Students can make use of the vocabulary they have learnt so far and present their future job in small groups. In some classes or groups it can be helpful to underline on the board the most important phrases/ideas for the presentation via projector.

5. Task 5 (role-play) focuses on oral communication. Students prepare an interview and demonstrate their final product (they use a sample one from the website to create their own interview)

The task is meant to improve all the basic skills. Each student is assessed and, eventually, a final mark is assigned.

Criteria for assessment:

- good command of English

- creativity

- content of the presentation and the interview (good and interesting questions/answers, professional vocabulary, different types of sentences, pros and cons of the job etc)

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