In Sickness and Health. Vocational education programme: Health and social care


Students choose a disease they want to present. Afterwards, they collect information, interview people ( e.g. patients, friends or family)

Next, they make a short film or PowerPoint-presentation.

During this activity students practise reading, speaking, writing as well as numerical and digital skills.

Eventually, the final product is presented in class.

Each person can self-evaluate himself/herself but it is possible to ask peers to evaluate each other too.

The set of criteria for evaluation is provided in the file.

1. Students choose a topic they want to learn more about; in this case - a disease.

2. They collect information from different sources (the list of useful links is included in the file). Anyway, it is also recommended to interview some patients, former patients, their families and friends.

3. After that, students make a PowerPoint or a film by using Photostory 3 or Windows Movie Maker.


Good command of English

a) pronunciation:

-impossible to understand, Norwenglish, mumbles, some mistakes, good intonation, clear

b) vocabulary:

- too simple, Norwegian words, repetition, too many difficult words, varied, good, excellent

c) grammar:

-correct grammar

-varied sentences



- boring, too little/ too much, too many facts, does not fit the title, interesting, cohesion and flow, focus on the topic, good examples, perfect, admirable, good introduction and conclusion.


-eye contact, talk to the audience, body language, too long/too short, mumbles, nervous, no pictures / no sound, talks too fast, talks too low; independent of notes, interesting, boring

PC, the Internet, books, documentaries, articles