Blackout by Emily Barr: reading a novel (Quick Reads)


The assignment is focused on reading, understanding, role playing, and writing a news report.

Students can improve all basic skills while working with the assignment.

1. Students check the author`s website and learn a few facts about her writing career (ICT-skills)

2. Students read the novel at different pace and do some exercises individually/in pairs/in groups

3. Role play

4. Finally, students can write a news report for The Sun

Further steps:

Dramatisation of some scenes from the book or those "outside the main story", e.g. in court.

Writing a screenplay/making a movie

Discussion: Family and friends; single - parent families; ex-husband/ex-girl-friend; human feelings (jealousy, pride, happiness, sadness, fear, anger, embarrassment); crime and punishment; mental health.

Reading different articles from the popular press, eg. The Sun


If time permits, it is possible to discuss the book in small groups (up to 5 people in a group)

The text understanding and ability to see a wider picture (out of the box) can be assessed by a mark. In this case a teacher has a chance to get some response even from those who are usually very shy.

Students can be assigned a mark for written communication as well (a news report ) The criteria for the assessment:

  • good command of English (rich vocabulary, different types of sentences, correct grammar and spelling, connectors)
  • lay-out/structure (according to the genre)
  • content (relevant stuff, cohesion and flow)
  • creativity

Blackout by Emily Barr (price: 35 NOK)

pen, pencil, exercise book/computer, the internet