Native American Cuisine


The assignment is an interdisciplinary project.

The main focus is on getting some knowledge about Native American cuisine, making a typical dish and presenting it afterwards.

Students practise and improve reading, writing, speaking, numeracy and ICT (Information and communications Technology) skills.

Foto: Martin Jacobs/NTB scanpix (Lisens: CC-by-nc-sa)

Students do research on Native American cuisine.

Then they choose a dish they will cook and present in class.

A recipe card and basic information about a dish should be filled in by each individual.

After a dish is cooked, tasted and presented in English each student can be assigned a mark by a team of teachers.

Criteria for assessment:

- each student prepares a dish and presents it.

-filled in forms are submitted and subsequently evaluated.

-a team of professionals evaluate the overall performance and assigns a final grade.

English class: PC, the Internet, pencil, pen

Restaurant and Food Processing class: ordinary tools and equipment for a school kitchen. Plus, there should be bought different ingredients for preparing dishes.