Living Side By Side: Multicultural World and Inclusion


Students practise their basic skills in reading, talking and writing.

The activities  help practising interpersonal skills and team work.

First Part.

Students work with  illustrated stories (a website source), fill in a table and discuss the issue of identity and belonging.

Second Part:

Students interview a non-Norwegian person ( homework); discuss their findings in groups of 4 and write an open letter to the interviewee. The last part is individual and is assessed by a grade.

Each student is assigned a grade for written communication: an open letter to an immigrant.

Criteria for assessment:

-good content (the text discusses the question in focus well; there are examples from different sources or personal experience)

-the ideas are well structured ( the author uses a new paragraph to introduce a new argument, thought, idea)

-the text is written with cohesion and flow

-good command of English: spelling, vocabulary, syntax, punctuation

a laptop, the internet, a pencil, a pen, paper, a cell phone to record an interview (optional)