Translate the Nine Ethical principles of horsemanship



- The students can read the English text and translate the text to Norwegian

- The students can make their own ethical principles/stable rules/code of conduct for the school stable


The students read and translate the German Federation nine ethical principles. In small groups, they make their own principles based on the ones they read. The class agrees to nine final principles, written in Norwegian, and they are this year’s ethical principles for the school stable.


The students can work together in small groups.

-       Translate the text

-       Inspired by the text they make their own nine ethical principles designed for the school stable

When all groups have translated the text in the English class, they will write their own nine ethical principles in Norwegian. All groups write their own principles on the blackboard. They discuss them and agree to nine of them. They will be the ethical principles for the school stable that year and they all sign them. The poster is visible in the entrance of the school stable.

Muntlig vurdering

Skriftlig vurdering

They need a computer to find the text

A piece of paper or a computer to write down the translations

A blackboard/ smart board to write down all the rules from the different groups

A big poster to write down the final ethical principles, a pen to sign them, and then laminate the poster afterwards