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  1. Great British Sewing Bee Episode 2 Curtains2bedding

    We love design and inspiration, this video from the great British Sewing Bee provides just that. View to get ideas on sewing and making products from great fabrics.

    See more lovely fabrics at

    We also offer a fantanstic making service for curtains and blinds if you do not want to make your own. View this at Our prices are reasonable and we will make them quickly for you.

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.01.2014 19:50

  2. Crash Course

    John and Hank Green teaches different subjects as crash courses in a lively and entertaining way.

    Torleif Sleveland - 09.02.2015 10:03

  3. S1E3 - The Great British Sewing Bee Season

    Contestants sew Child's dress, tailor a dress and a create a made-to-measure jacket.

    Torleif Sleveland - 11.02.2015 11:46

  4. Constructions and Instructions

    Based on the Landmarks in Construction text from Workshop vg1 Bygg- & anleggsfag, and Strømmen vgs’ bridge construction exercise, this lesson plan deals with understanding competence aims, writing instructions and assessing an end product.

    Teaching objectives. Pupils should:

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.05.2013 11:54

  5. Turning and the lathe: Basic vocabulary and oral presentation with strategies

    When you have finished this lesson you should know:

    • What is driving the lathe and the basic principles of turning
    • How the lathe holds and rotates the workpiece
    • How the lathe holds and moves the cutting tool

    The student should be able to:

    • explain the main parts of the lathe
    • how the lathe works and the turning process
    • explain how they made an assignment in the workshop

    Torleif Sleveland - 13.05.2013 17:35

  6. ATV-prosjekt, Vg1 TIP, Godalen vgs.

    Elevene på TIP, Godalen VG1, lager ATV'er i løpet av vår-terminen. Prosjektet skaper mye engasjement og et uvanlig gruppefokus. Fellesfagene hadde en mulighet for å henge seg på dette engasjementet med å yrkes- og praksisrette. For de ulike aktivitetene i norsk og engelsk, se lenkene under. 

    For detaljer om ATV bygging må man henvende seg til TIP på Godalen.

    Torleif Sleveland - 10.02.2015 13:01

  7. Tupac Shakur lyrics analysis with interview from 1988

    Tupac Shakur is 17 years old in 1988, the age of most VG1 students. He is a teenager with strong opinions and engagement for his community, friends and family. He speaks about his mother, their life in poverty, and the choices a young man has to consider.

    2 Pac became what Elvis is for Rock and Roll and The Beatles is for pop music. He had a major influence on Rap and Hiphop in the 90’s and when he died in 1996 he has become an icon for a lot of youths world wide.

    Torleif Sleveland - 10.02.2015 12:20

  8. Vocational English Vg1 YF Design og håndverk

    Opplegg for å sette seg inn i nytt ordforråd ved oppstart av yrkesfaglig engelsk.

    Torleif Sleveland - 16.05.2013 14:19

  9. Tverrfaglig læringsoppdrag PTF for kjøretøy og billakkering

    Et tverrfaglig undervisningsopplegg med muntlige, skriftlige og tverrfaglige vurderinger i programfag, norsk, engelsk og samfunnsfag for kjøretøy og billakkering. Dette opplegget egner seg etter utplassering.

    Torleif Sleveland - 16.05.2013 13:20