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  1. Working as a paramedic

    You have chosen to study to become a paramedic. In this task you will explore different sides to the profession. How to become one, what to expect while working as a paramedic and the challenges and rewards you might face in your future professional life.  Below you will find a suggested recipe on what to include in this task. You may change the order of the different posts if you want, but remember to include all the relevant information.


    Lisa Stornes - 16.11.2015 18:27

  2. iCivics

    Online games where you can learn about American government and politics. 

    Lisa Stornes - 17.11.2015 08:15

  3. HES in The Workshop

    -Kjenne til HMS/HES regler for aktuelle arbeidsplasser

    -Evne å gi ny, fremmespråklig medarbeider innføring i HMS/HES-reglement på engelsk.

    -Produsere en engelskspråklig plakat som beskriver arbeidsplassens/verkstedets HMS/HES-reglement

    Lisa Stornes - 17.11.2015 15:09

  4. Running a kindergarten

    You have chosen to study to become a children-and-youth worker. One of the work areas you should be familiar with is childcare.

    In this task you have been given the opportunity to run a kindergarten for a full week. You are responsible for all the activities, staff and children who belong to your kindergarten and must plan and describe this week.

    Lisa Stornes - 16.11.2015 16:09