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  1. British accents - The British Council

    Students can listen to the same story read by locals from 10 different parts of the UK and interact by making judgements about how friendly, attractive, intelligent and trustworthy each accent sounds. Students could also be asked to note how understable they find each accent and which words/sounds are particularly different.

    Bronia Hamilton - 04.10.2013 09:28

  2. Personal stories of members of the Stolen Generations

    These stories are part of the Bringing Them Home report that the Australian Human Rights Commission undertook to look at the effects of the forceable removal of Aboriginal Children. These are very powerful stories and would most likely need to be edited in terms of language. However they are worthwhile using since many students will find these geniuine first person accounts very moving.

    Bronia Hamilton - 16.11.2014 00:14

  3. English as a world language

    What does English mean to individuals around the world, how has the English language been affected by other languages? The English Effect exhibition examines these questions and more

    Bronia Hamilton - 04.10.2013 09:23