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  1. New Headway Intermediate. Everyday Communication: English sources online (Oxford)

    The e-book provides everyday dialogues (audio), useful vocabulary and grammar.

    Pupils can test their progress by doing different exercises/tests and playing vocabulary/grammar games online.

    Tatjana Berg - 16.05.2013 08:37

  2. The Right Balance: Mixing Energy Resources - National Geographic Education

    The tasks can be studied as interdisciplinary project.

    Pupils will learn about different sources of energy; then they will discuss in groups the best ones or present their idea of an area with the best energy solution.

    Tatjana Berg - 01.10.2013 22:43

  3. BBC - Skillswise - English

    BBC Skillswise enables adults to improve reading, writing and number skills. Level one and entry level three literacy and numeracy resources - worksheets, quizzes and games.

    Tatjana Berg - 13.05.2013 16:00

  4. Everyday English

    New Headway for Beginners online (vocabulary, grammar, everyday English dialogues, games, tests)

    Tatjana Berg - 13.05.2013 16:39

  5. Everyday English

    New Headway Elementary online: vocabulary, grammar, tests, games, audio dialogues: at the airport, in a cafe, directions, on the phone, social expressions.

    The book is the continuation of New Headway for Beginners.

    Tatjana Berg - 13.05.2013 16:48

  6. Pre-intermediate English (New Headway, Pre-Intermidiate)

    Everyday English, dialogues:

    • at the chemist`s
    • at the doctor`s
    • at the post office
    • at the tourist office
    • buying things
    • social expressions

    You can also find good exercises on vocabulary and grammar as well as games and tests.

    The book is the continuation of New Headway, elementary.

    Tatjana Berg - 13.05.2013 16:59

  7. Some basic words with tricky spellings

    Quizlet-øving med 35 ord som ofte blir skrivne feil.

    Roger Jan Støyva - 28.04.2013 16:06

  8. Listening |

    Listening activities, conversation lessons, songs, grammar with worksheets

    Tatjana Berg - 30.01.2014 13:09

  9. Internasjonalt samarbeid gjennom ungdomsbedrift

    Skuleåret 2013-2014 deltok elevar i medium og kommunikasjon på vg2 i eit samarbeid med elevar på andre linjer i Sverige, Spania og Italia.

    Denne filmen viser læringsutbytte av å samarbeide på tverss av landegrensene. Filmen er planlagt, innspelt og produsert av medieelevar på Mo og Jølster vgs, no Hafstad vgs.

    oledev - 21.10.2014 12:02

  10. Conversation Questions for the ESL / EFL Classroom

    The webside can be useful to create a good discussion situation in class, in groups or pairs.

     There are plenty of different topics with a set of questions there.


    Tatjana Berg - 23.01.2015 11:07

  11. Skills Workshop Contextual Resources

    Nettstad med ulike kontekstuelle læringsaktivitetar og undervisningsopplegg. Nettstaden er laga for å dekkje britisk læreplan, og har engelskspråklege elevar som mottakargruppe. Men det er mogeleg å velje nivå, t.d. L2. Sida har også valmoglegheiter innanfor ulike yrkes- og fagområde t.d. construction carpentry plumbing, electrical, electronics and technology, hairdressing and beauty therapy, health, social care, early years etc. 

    kribef - 25.02.2015 10:48

  12. Pronunciator

    Ved hjelp av Pronunciator kan du lære deg mange språk. I engelskundervisning kan denne nettsiden brukes for bl.a å lære korrekt uttale av enkeltord, men elevene kan også lære seg fraser innenfor spesifikke emner.

    siwaina - 10.02.2015 11:12

  13. Oral English assessments

    Spoken English web tools.

    siwaina - 15.10.2013 13:44

  14. Oral English assessments

    Spoken English web tools

    siwaina - 15.10.2013 13:47

  15. Building Foundations - NDLA

    The first step in house construction is building the foundations. What is important in the building of foundations? What are some of the materials and equipment that are used. After watching these three short videos you should be familiar with some of the different stages in building foundations and be able to communicate about this in English. Different tasks about the topic are also included.

    Cecilie Isaksen Eftedal - 22.02.2013 14:16

  16. Heavy Construction Equipment - NDLA

    Subject Material: At a construction site a variety of heavy construction machines are required to carry out the work. In this text you can learn some of the terminology connected with this type of equipment. You can also work with the topic in different tasks.

    Cecilie Isaksen Eftedal - 22.02.2013 14:12

  17. A Gondolier in Venice - NDLA

    Roberto is a gondolier in Venice, Italy. Roberto's profession goes back to the 1300s. As a fourth generation gondolier he carries on a family tradition. What is it like to be a gondolier on the canals in Venice? What is it like to live and work in a place that attracts more than 15 million tourists every year. In this interview Roberto gives us some answers. Different tasks and activities are included.

    Cecilie Isaksen Eftedal - 02.04.2013 17:07

  18. Working as a Flight Attendant - NDLA

    Flight attendants are also known as cabin crew and are employed to look after passengers on an aircraft. From your own experience, what does a flight attendant’s job consist of? What kind of training do you think they require? An interview and different tasks and activities are included.

    Cecilie Isaksen Eftedal - 02.04.2013 17:12

  19. Construction Glossary

    Free Construction Glossary and Home Building Terms

    siwaina - 20.05.2014 09:21

  20. In the Machining Workshop

    This is a role play between a teacher and a student /a sample of a guided tour in the workshop, meant for the foundation course students.

    Focus on tools, machines, HSE, info about the student`s workpiece.

    Gunta Dale - 17.11.2015 15:28