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  1. Plan an English lesson for 1st graders

    Students will plan a 15-30 minute lesson in basic English for 1st graders (6 year olds). Students will have to decide the best way to teach their chosen topic. They will be asked to write a plan for the lesson, as well as their reasons for the choices they made. The lessons may be carried out in practise as well, either in an actual 1st grade class/kindergarden or within their own class with the rest of the students playing 1st graders.

    inghau - 14.04.2015 11:17

  2. Role play for Helse, Barn og ungdom og Mediekommunikasjon and Tip electro VG2

    Role play for Mediekommunikasjon, helsefag, barn og ungdom and TIP El

    kaenes - 27.03.2014 13:51

  3. Run and Read

    Elevene samarbeider om å lese, huske, si, lytte og skrive en tekst. Opplegget øver både muntlige, skriftlige og kommunkikative aktiviteter. Dette undervisningsopplegget er godt egnet som innledning til et større tema, for eksempel dokumentasjon av opplæring i praksisfeltet/prosjekt til fordypning. Finn en kort engelsk tekst om et tema innen barne- og ungdomsarbeiderfaget. Forslag: hygiene, måltid, beskrivelse av barne- og ungdomsarbeid. Teksten bør være på 6 - 15 linjer.


    inger-margrethe.el - 11.09.2013 15:33

  4. Running a kindergarten

    You have chosen to study to become a children-and-youth worker. One of the work areas you should be familiar with is childcare.

    In this task you have been given the opportunity to run a kindergarten for a full week. You are responsible for all the activities, staff and children who belong to your kindergarten and must plan and describe this week.

    Lisa Stornes - 16.11.2015 16:09

  5. English Course for Adults/Young Learners

    This is a project where the students of the 2nd year in Upper Secondary School practise their English through teaching, at the same time as they meet their future profession (Kindergarten or elderly people). The students plan and perform an English course for children or elderly people, and as they brainstorm and bring up their ideas of how to perform the course its content, they also practise their skills from other subjects; here Norsk and Helse- og Oppvekstfag. - 01.03.2016 13:55