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  1. Supernanny

    To undervisningsopplegg av liknende karakter. Oppgavene er varierte, og temaet er barneoppdragelse i Norge, Storbritannia og USA. Tidsbruk avhenger av klasse, men fra 3-6 timer avhengig av nivå.

    Supernanny VG1 har oppgaver som også dekker kompetansemål i programfag knyttet til lek og aktivitet.

    Supernanny VG2 har oppgaver som kan være eksamensforberedende.

    1702jeso - 21.02.2014 11:34

  2. Plan an English lesson for 1st graders

    Students will plan a 15-30 minute lesson in basic English for 1st graders (6 year olds). Students will have to decide the best way to teach their chosen topic. They will be asked to write a plan for the lesson, as well as their reasons for the choices they made. The lessons may be carried out in practise as well, either in an actual 1st grade class/kindergarden or within their own class with the rest of the students playing 1st graders.

    inghau - 14.04.2015 11:17

  3. Health care in the USA

    This is a longer term project with both a written and oral assesment available.

    Students will gain an understanding of how Health Care is organised in the USA, the values behind this and how it affects the society.

    Resources for the following elements are available here:

    Bronia Hamilton - 14.05.2013 11:37

  4. Ambulance Paramedic Report

    What is expected of student: Report writing and Powerpoint presentation of incident with pictures and diagrams.

  - 08.02.2016 16:40