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  1. Storyline - Nusery (Barnehagen) and Health Centre

    Storyline is a learning strategy, first introduced in Scotland in 1965, which has spread throughout the rest of Europe. Initially developed in primary school-settings its use has spread to secondary schools and further education colleges. In Norway it has been used at all three school levels. It is largely student-driven, activating oral and written skills. It requires group work with a high degree of cooperation needed. Students write up individually based upon group-decided criteria. The grand finale is a role-play, but this is optional. - 31.08.2015 11:53

  2. Ambulance Paramedic Report

    What is expected of student: Report writing and Powerpoint presentation of incident with pictures and diagrams.

  - 08.02.2016 16:40

  3. Yrkesrettet engelsk og kommunikasjon for hudpleie Vg2

    Dette er et undervisningopplegg som utspiller seg over en gitt periode.

    Elevene skal lære seg fag- og serviceuttrykk på engelsk.

    Elevene skal øve seg med hverandre og kun prate engelsk i praksissituasjonene i hudpleiesalongen. - 01.03.2016 19:49