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  1. Supernanny

    To undervisningsopplegg av liknende karakter. Oppgavene er varierte, og temaet er barneoppdragelse i Norge, Storbritannia og USA. Tidsbruk avhenger av klasse, men fra 3-6 timer avhengig av nivå.

    Supernanny VG1 har oppgaver som også dekker kompetansemål i programfag knyttet til lek og aktivitet.

    Supernanny VG2 har oppgaver som kan være eksamensforberedende.

    1702jeso - 21.02.2014 11:34

  2. Plan an English lesson for 1st graders

    Students will plan a 15-30 minute lesson in basic English for 1st graders (6 year olds). Students will have to decide the best way to teach their chosen topic. They will be asked to write a plan for the lesson, as well as their reasons for the choices they made. The lessons may be carried out in practise as well, either in an actual 1st grade class/kindergarden or within their own class with the rest of the students playing 1st graders.

    inghau - 14.04.2015 11:17

  3. Health care in the USA

    This is a longer term project with both a written and oral assesment available.

    Students will gain an understanding of how Health Care is organised in the USA, the values behind this and how it affects the society.

    Resources for the following elements are available here:

    Bronia Hamilton - 14.05.2013 11:37

  4. We Care! Vocational Education: Health and Social Care

    Students study 2 cases, write 2 dialogues and then practice the dialogues (small groups/pairs).

    Basic skills: reading, talking, writing.

    Tatjana Berg - 13.11.2013 10:34

  5. Physical activity and quality of life

    På hvilken måte kan fysisk aktivitet bedre livskvalitet? Elevene jobber med skriftlig eller muntlig presentasjon om emnet. De velger selv ut hvilken gruppe de har lyst til å fokusere på, f.eks. eldre, funksjonshemmede, barn eller andre. Sluttproduktet kan enten være å levere inn en skriftlig tekst, eller de kan ha en muntlig presentasjon. Evt kan de avslutningsvis gi en demonstrasjon til resten av klassen av hvordan en type fysisk aktivitet kan foregå.

    Grunnleggende ferdigheter er lese, skrive, snakke, og digitale ferdigheter.

    Ellen B Tuvsjøen - 06.11.2013 15:38

  6. Creative story writing using equipment relating to the health and childcare professions

    The students are divided into groups and each group has to select a number of items from a bag using the lucky dip approach. They then have to write a story which involves themselves as the characters, together with the items that they have chosen. The aim is to develop skills in a number of areas: group work, creative thinking, creative writing at the same time as learning key words that the students will use in their future professions. It also presents an opportunity to discuss working in a multicultural society. The students think it's a fun activity too. - 27.10.2015 14:17

  7. Storyline - Nusery (Barnehagen) and Health Centre

    Storyline is a learning strategy, first introduced in Scotland in 1965, which has spread throughout the rest of Europe. Initially developed in primary school-settings its use has spread to secondary schools and further education colleges. In Norway it has been used at all three school levels. It is largely student-driven, activating oral and written skills. It requires group work with a high degree of cooperation needed. Students write up individually based upon group-decided criteria. The grand finale is a role-play, but this is optional. - 31.08.2015 11:53

  8. Ambulance Paramedic Report

    What is expected of student: Report writing and Powerpoint presentation of incident with pictures and diagrams.

  - 08.02.2016 16:40

  9. Kosthold - lage et måltid

    Dette er et opplegg hvor man tar utgangspunkt i at elevene lager et måltid i programfaget og at elevene jobber videre med dette i engelsk og naturfag. (Gjerne norsk også, selv om vi ikke har tatt med det her.)

    Anja Saxebøl - 15.03.2016 10:56

  10. Yrkesrettet engelsk og kommunikasjon for hudpleie Vg2

    Dette er et undervisningopplegg som utspiller seg over en gitt periode.

    Elevene skal lære seg fag- og serviceuttrykk på engelsk.

    Elevene skal øve seg med hverandre og kun prate engelsk i praksissituasjonene i hudpleiesalongen. - 01.03.2016 19:49

  11. Advertising in English Speaking Countries: Possible Health Consequences

    The first stage of this task aims to explore the influence of advertising on a person's health, by considering the possible health consequences resulting from a specific food choice. It's a joint project between Vg1 English and Vg1 HO. The students are presented with two adverts from an English-speaking country, selected by the teachers, one of which features a healthy food choice and another of which features an unhealthy food choice. Each student will be given their own two adverts. The students will go on to produce a written assignment based on these two designated adverts. - 18.11.2015 14:34