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  1. In Sickness and Health. Vocational education programme: Health and social care

    Students choose a disease they want to present. Afterwards, they collect information, interview people ( e.g. patients, friends or family)

    Next, they make a short film or PowerPoint-presentation.

    During this activity students practise reading, speaking, writing as well as numerical and digital skills.

    Eventually, the final product is presented in class.

    Each person can self-evaluate himself/herself but it is possible to ask peers to evaluate each other too.

    The set of criteria for evaluation is provided in the file.

    Tatjana Berg - 16.12.2013 14:01

  2. Teens and sex

    Føraktivitet: diskutere temaet hvor elevene får finne ord som kan være aktuelle for prosjektet og det aktuelle temaet. F.eks: prevensjon, overgrep, seksuell trakassering, etikk, moral, grensesetting, debut.(de kan jobbe i par, grupper, rotasjon etc.) oppsummering på tavlen til slutt.


    Stine Pettersen - 13.10.2015 15:31