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  1. Video: Dropout Nation PBS Video

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of teenagers in the United States quit high school without diplomas - an epidemic so out of control that nobody knows the exact number. FRONTLINE takes you inside a former "dropout factory" in Houston, Texas, for an unforgettable portrait of four students in crisis and the teachers, counselors and principal waging a daily struggle to get them to graduation. Watch online: Dropout Nation from FRONTLINE. On demand, streaming video from PBS

    Bronia Hamilton - 14.11.2013 09:27

  2. Supernanny

    To undervisningsopplegg av liknende karakter. Oppgavene er varierte, og temaet er barneoppdragelse i Norge, Storbritannia og USA. Tidsbruk avhenger av klasse, men fra 3-6 timer avhengig av nivå.

    Supernanny VG1 har oppgaver som også dekker kompetansemål i programfag knyttet til lek og aktivitet.

    Supernanny VG2 har oppgaver som kan være eksamensforberedende.

    1702jeso - 21.02.2014 11:34

  3. Health care in the USA

    This is a longer term project with both a written and oral assesment available.

    Students will gain an understanding of how Health Care is organised in the USA, the values behind this and how it affects the society.

    Resources for the following elements are available here:

    Bronia Hamilton - 14.05.2013 11:37

  4. Role play for Helse, Barn og ungdom og Mediekommunikasjon and Tip electro VG2

    Role play for Mediekommunikasjon, helsefag, barn og ungdom and TIP El

    kaenes - 27.03.2014 13:51

  5. Health and nutrition

    Tverrfagleg opplegg HO og engelsk - 13.10.2015 16:17

  6. Love Story by Erich Segal (audio,1hour 20 min.)

    The audio of the famous book by Erich Segal (with subtitles) is a good source for learning English and English literature in particular.

    Pupils can work with the novel individually, in groups or in class. The level of difficulty is 3 , i.e. the text is quite easy.

    The novel discusses many themes such as love, the American Dream, education, social inequality, challenges and so on.

    Love Story can be used in vocational classes. Those students, who have problems reading long texts, can practice listening comprehension.

    Tatjana Berg - 20.01.2016 18:12

  7. World Vision, Australia. Global issues. Child labour.

    An additional material on different global issues (video clips, true stories, projects and etc.)


    Tatjana Berg - 14.05.2014 10:17

  8. Gifted Hands. The Ben Carson Story (a true story about a neurosurgeon)

    Pupils practise different basic skills by reading some excerpts from the book by Ben Carson or watching a TV film based on the book.

     There is an online educational package for teachers to stimulate oral and written communication in class.




    Tatjana Berg - 14.10.2015 11:19