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  1. Bend It Like Beckham - kultur, verdier og holdninger

    Opplegget er tverrfaglig mellom fagene Kommunikasjon og Samhandling og engelsk. Gjennom filmen Bend it Like Beckham skal elevene sette seg inn i andres situasjon, diskutere kultur, kulturkollisjoner, verdier, fordommer, etiske dilemma.

    Vurderingssituasjonene er muntlige.

    inghau - 18.11.2014 15:42

  2. Advertising in English Speaking Countries: Possible Health Consequences

    The first stage of this task aims to explore the influence of advertising on a person's health, by considering the possible health consequences resulting from a specific food choice. It's a joint project between Vg1 English and Vg1 HO. The students are presented with two adverts from an English-speaking country, selected by the teachers, one of which features a healthy food choice and another of which features an unhealthy food choice. Each student will be given their own two adverts. The students will go on to produce a written assignment based on these two designated adverts. - 18.11.2015 14:34

  3. The Fault in our Stars: cancer in children and teens within the USA and Norway

    A lesson plan for this film can also be found on the fremmedspråksenteret website/ressurshefte - 28.10.2015 12:15

  4. Gifted Hands. The Ben Carson Story (a true story about a neurosurgeon)

    Pupils practise different basic skills by reading some excerpts from the book by Ben Carson or watching a TV film based on the book.

     There is an online educational package for teachers to stimulate oral and written communication in class.




    Tatjana Berg - 14.10.2015 11:19