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  1. A brave survivor: Thon's story - ABC Shepparton - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    With a flight from Kenya to Australia, everything in Thon's life changed. He was free from 14 years in a refugee camp and about to start a new unimaginable life. ABC Open community contributor Kayla Warwick found out about his journey for One on One: Goulburn Valley Refugees.

    Tatjana Berg - 14.05.2014 21:46

  2. BBC Radio 4 Inside Health - podcast

    Podcasten tek føre seg ulike helserelaterte tema knytt til helsevesenet (i Storbritannia), sjukdommar, medisinering osb. Podcast-episodane varer om lag 30 minutt. Programleiaren diskuterer ulike problemstillingar med gjester. Kvar podcast-episode tek føre seg ei rekkje tema, så det kan vere aktuelt å nytte berre delar av episoden. I alle høve, podcastane passar godt til lytteøvingar og øving i dialektforståing.

    kribef - 18.12.2014 09:44

  3. Love Story by Erich Segal (audio,1hour 20 min.)

    The audio of the famous book by Erich Segal (with subtitles) is a good source for learning English and English literature in particular.

    Pupils can work with the novel individually, in groups or in class. The level of difficulty is 3 , i.e. the text is quite easy.

    The novel discusses many themes such as love, the American Dream, education, social inequality, challenges and so on.

    Love Story can be used in vocational classes. Those students, who have problems reading long texts, can practice listening comprehension.

    Tatjana Berg - 20.01.2016 18:12