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  1. Word Search Puzzles

    Ei nettside som har mange word puzzles (nokre har mange ord, andre færre). Mange av puslekryssa er relaterte til generelle engelskspråklege tema, men mange er også nyttige innanfor yrkesretta engelsk (t.d. Computer Jargon, Tools, Restaurant etc.). Det er løysingsforslag til alle puslekryssa. Skroll ned på sida, og finn det du treng!

    kribef - 31.07.2013 10:22

  2. Visit a wiseman - work experience

    This is a lesson based on a cooperative learning structure from Spencer Kagan and Jette Stenlev. It is to be used after work experience for students to share and reflect on their experiences. It predominantly involves oral work but can also be completed with the group producing a short text.

    Bronia Hamilton - 15.10.2013 11:08

  3. Word on the street | LearnEnglish | British Council | Starting a Business

    The video clip is easy to follow: it is subtitled.

    Students can learn a few collocations and get some tips on starting their own business.

    Tatjana Berg - 30.09.2014 22:35