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  1. Visit a wiseman - work experience

    This is a lesson based on a cooperative learning structure from Spencer Kagan and Jette Stenlev. It is to be used after work experience for students to share and reflect on their experiences. It predominantly involves oral work but can also be completed with the group producing a short text.

    Bronia Hamilton - 15.10.2013 11:08

  2. Typisk Norsk - barnehage og skole

    Students choose an age group at childcare (1 years old, two year olds, etc.) and prepare information about this age group. They will research and use their experiences from work practice to prepare a presentation about what is typical Norwegian for children in their chosen age group.

    Bronia Hamilton - 18.11.2014 15:30

  3. Consensus Placemat - Customer Service Case Studies

    Students will read a case study situation and each write down how they would respond step by step. They must then each share their response and come to a consensus as a group about the best way to respond.

    This can be repeated with several different case studies and the responses then shared again as a class.

    Bronia Hamilton - 15.10.2013 13:54