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  1. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens: mini project

    Students will study the film based on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens; they will learn about the Victorian age (listening activities from the BBC)

    Students will practise basic skills, such as listening, reading, talking, writing.

    They will search the internet for some information on child labour today (digital skills)

    Tatjana Berg - 24.10.2013 13:17

  2. Mission: Mars (Communication)

    In a 4-step activity pupils practise reading, writing, speaking, listening and IT skills.

    They are assigned a credit/a passing grade for the activity.

    The objective of the lesson is to stimulate communication in class.

                                     Datagenerert vannspeil på mars. 

    Foto: Science photo library / NTB Scanpix. Lisens: CC by-nc-sa 

    Tatjana Berg - 29.04.2015 15:10

  3. World Vision. Teacher`s Resources: health,child rights, food, gender, indigenous peoples,refugees, disasters,environment.

    The website has short films, pictures, background information, mind maps, posters, activities, and much more for studying different issues, e.g. health, food, child rights and so on.

    The language of the films is simple.

    The materials can be downloaded or copied.

    Tatjana Berg - 14.05.2014 11:05