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  1. Travel Tours & Guided Trips | National Geographic Expeditions

    Travel the world with National Geographic on our guided wildlife safaris, expedition cruises, active adventures, family trips, photography workshops, and more.

    The link can be used to find destinations and "sell" them in a virtual travel agency. Students can select and "sell" trips to different groups of customers or to individuals. They have to meet the needs of the "buyers".

    Tatjana Berg - 01.10.2013 23:10

  2. Cruising Norway

    Tverrfaglig oppgave som kan brukes i engelsk, matte og naturfag, service og samferdsel evt vg2 transport og logistikk.

    You are a tour operator in Norway, and you have to plan a package deal for foreign tourists.

    You can choose from different target groups:

    • Retired Japanese business men
    • A group of American families
    • European youngsters in their gap year


    Criteria - 01.12.2015 14:59

  3. Etisk handel

    Etisk handel, med kompetansemål dekket i service og samferdsel, og engelsk. - 01.12.2015 15:55