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  1. Vurderingskriterier og kompetansemål for engelsk Vg1

    I dette evalueringsskjemaet finner du alle kompetansemålene i engelsk Vg1 brutt ned til mål tilpasset karakternivåene 1 - 2, 3 - 4 og 5 - 6. De grunnleggende ferdighetene for det enkelte målområde; språklæring, muntlig kommunikasjon, skriftlig kommunikasjon og kultur, samfunn og litteratur, er også delt inn i de samme karakternivåene.

    Cecilie Isaksen Eftedal - 23.02.2015 15:19

  2. The Importance of Being Esperanza

    Hispanics in the USA

    Reading and Writing: Pupils read some chapters from The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, do exercises focused on vocabulary and grammar and then write their own texts inspired by the author: A letter to a character from the book and a vignette about their dream house.

    Listening Comprehension: Pupils listen to an interview with Sandra Cisneros and answer some questions.

    Tatjana Berg - 13.05.2013 15:39

  3. Tupac Shakur lyrics analysis with interview from 1988

    Tupac Shakur is 17 years old in 1988, the age of most VG1 students. He is a teenager with strong opinions and engagement for his community, friends and family. He speaks about his mother, their life in poverty, and the choices a young man has to consider.

    2 Pac became what Elvis is for Rock and Roll and The Beatles is for pop music. He had a major influence on Rap and Hiphop in the 90’s and when he died in 1996 he has become an icon for a lot of youths world wide.

    Torleif Sleveland - 10.02.2015 12:20