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  1. Plan and make an international lunch

    Students will make lunch based on recipes from a randomly chosen country. Countries are drawn before the students plan a meal. We have allocated 8 hours, split in 2 parts. The first part is planning, while the second part is the execution. The task will focus on written and oral skills, as well as the ability to convert measurements.

    inghau - 14.04.2015 10:56

  2. Plan an English lesson for 1st graders

    Students will plan a 15-30 minute lesson in basic English for 1st graders (6 year olds). Students will have to decide the best way to teach their chosen topic. They will be asked to write a plan for the lesson, as well as their reasons for the choices they made. The lessons may be carried out in practise as well, either in an actual 1st grade class/kindergarden or within their own class with the rest of the students playing 1st graders.

    inghau - 14.04.2015 11:17