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  1. Role play for Helse, Barn og ungdom og Mediekommunikasjon and Tip electro VG2

    Role play for Mediekommunikasjon, helsefag, barn og ungdom and TIP El

    kaenes - 27.03.2014 13:51

  2. Running a kindergarten

    You have chosen to study to become a children-and-youth worker. One of the work areas you should be familiar with is childcare.

    In this task you have been given the opportunity to run a kindergarten for a full week. You are responsible for all the activities, staff and children who belong to your kindergarten and must plan and describe this week.

    Lisa Stornes - 16.11.2015 16:09

  3. Children`s wellbeing, en storyline

    Lisbeth Andersland - 13.05.2013 18:03