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  1. How To Build A Shed - Part 3 Building & Installing Rafters

    Shannon from shows you how to build a shed from start to finish. This video shows how to build the rafters for the roof.

    Torleif Sleveland - 15.10.2013 13:41

  2. Training Video - Knives and Cutting Techniques

    Videoklipp som viser dei mest vanlege knivtypane, korleis ein skal slipe knivar og korleis ein brukar dei ulike knivtypane. I tillegg viser videoen knivteknikkar.

    kribef - 14.05.2013 11:52

  3. Pro Cooking Training Video - Choosing Meat Cuts

    Videoklipp som viser slakt av lam og ulike stykningsdelar og bruksområde.

    kribef - 14.05.2013 11:57

  4. Gordon Ramsay : How to joint a chicken

    Gordon Ramsay viser korleis ein skal dele opp ein kylling samstundes som at han fortel kva ein kan bruke dei ulike stykkene til

    kribef - 14.05.2013 12:22

  5. How to prepare scallops - BBC - BBC Food

    Videoklipp som viser korleis ein skal reinske eit kamskjel.

    kribef - 14.05.2013 12:25

  6. Basic Herbs Masterclass with Georgie

    VIdeoklipp som syner ulike typar urter, og korleis ein skal nytte dei i matlaging.

    kribef - 14.05.2013 12:29

  7. How to Make Risotto

    Videoen viser korleis ein lagar risotto.

    kribef - 14.05.2013 12:36

  8. Sewing Bee Ep.1

    Denne serien har fire episoder.

    Veldig god kvalitet på innhold og språk og brukes av Ingunn Abrahamsen, programfaglærere på DH, Godalen vgs.

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.01.2014 12:21

  9. A Weaverly Path Film Trailer

    A Weaverly Path offers an intimate, visually stunning portrait of tapestry weaver Silvia Heyden and captures the inner dialogue and meditations of an extraordinary artist in the moments of creation. The film follows the Swiss-born born artist during a year of weaving and reflection. Heyden creates works inspired by the Eno River in Durham, North Carolina and shares how nature, music, her education in the Bauhaus tradition and her life experiences anchor and inspire her weaving.

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.01.2014 14:07

  10. Great British Sewing Bee Episode 2 Curtains2bedding

    We love design and inspiration, this video from the great British Sewing Bee provides just that. View to get ideas on sewing and making products from great fabrics.

    See more lovely fabrics at

    We also offer a fantanstic making service for curtains and blinds if you do not want to make your own. View this at Our prices are reasonable and we will make them quickly for you.

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.01.2014 19:50