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  1. BBC News - Driverless cars: Still a distant dream?

    The news report on a driverless car is suitable to discuss new development in car industry.

    Objectives: to understand basic information, to be able to summarise the news report in a short paragraph and to learn the new vocabulary used in the report.

    Tatjana Berg - 25.03.2014 22:52

  2. Brakes: oral communication in FYR (mechanics)

    Pupils practise different basic skills: writing, talking, reading and IT literacy.

    Warm up activity: 3 min. writing about brakes

    Pair work: discussing questions in pairs (the set of questions aboout the brake system)

    Role play: pupils write a dialogue between a mechanic and an American tourist that has faulty brakes.

    Follow up activity: Pupils can read Drive in a motorcar by Roald Dahl (short story analysis)

    The website www.wikihow gives step by step instructions on different operations in the garage.

    Tatjana Berg - 04.12.2014 10:32