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  1. Plan and make an international lunch

    Students will make lunch based on recipes from a randomly chosen country. Countries are drawn before the students plan a meal. We have allocated 8 hours, split in 2 parts. The first part is planning, while the second part is the execution. The task will focus on written and oral skills, as well as the ability to convert measurements.

    inghau - 14.04.2015 10:56

  2. Plan an English lesson for 1st graders

    Students will plan a 15-30 minute lesson in basic English for 1st graders (6 year olds). Students will have to decide the best way to teach their chosen topic. They will be asked to write a plan for the lesson, as well as their reasons for the choices they made. The lessons may be carried out in practise as well, either in an actual 1st grade class/kindergarden or within their own class with the rest of the students playing 1st graders.

    inghau - 14.04.2015 11:17

  3. Edgar Poe`s Gothic Fiction (Collaborative Learning)

    Students practise different basic skills by watching two animations, taking notes, writing a Gothic Story and recording it with sound effects.


    Tatjana Berg - 30.04.2015 11:23

  4. The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, animation (the author is reading the story)

    A story is read by the author. The animation can be a starting point in learning some facts about Canada (Quebec) and its francophone population.

    Tatjana Berg - 26.05.2015 19:16

  5. From Text to Speech

    Students can type in words or texts and listen to those afterwards.

    The choice of different variants of English and other languages makes  it a useful tool for students.

    Tatjana Berg - 29.05.2015 10:06

  6. The Revenge - et hørespill uten ord!

    Hørespill uten ord!

    Andrew Sachs (jfr. Manuel i «Hotell i særklasse») fikk i 1978 BBC til å kringkaste sitt berømte hørespill (ca 25 min.) uten ord – bare med lydeffekter - kalt The Revenge. Det kan være vanskelig å få lasta ned, men en mulighet er her, hvor du også finner et 4 minutters intervju med Sachs først:

    Svein Anders Kvellestad - 23.05.2013 13:49

  7. How To Build A Shed - Part 3 Building & Installing Rafters

    Shannon from shows you how to build a shed from start to finish. This video shows how to build the rafters for the roof.

    Torleif Sleveland - 02.12.2013 14:00

  8. Sewing Bee Ep.1

    Denne serien har fire episoder.

    Veldig god kvalitet på innhold og språk og brukes av Ingunn Abrahamsen, programfaglærere på DH, Godalen vgs.

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.01.2014 12:21

  9. How To Build A Shed - Part 1 Building The Floor

    Shannon from shows you how to build a shed from start to finish. This episode shows you how to construct the base. See our other videos on wood framing for specific technique instruction.

    Torleif Sleveland - 02.12.2013 14:03

  10. A Weaverly Path Film Trailer

    A Weaverly Path offers an intimate, visually stunning portrait of tapestry weaver Silvia Heyden and captures the inner dialogue and meditations of an extraordinary artist in the moments of creation. The film follows the Swiss-born born artist during a year of weaving and reflection. Heyden creates works inspired by the Eno River in Durham, North Carolina and shares how nature, music, her education in the Bauhaus tradition and her life experiences anchor and inspire her weaving.

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.01.2014 14:07

  11. Great British Sewing Bee Episode 2 Curtains2bedding

    We love design and inspiration, this video from the great British Sewing Bee provides just that. View to get ideas on sewing and making products from great fabrics.

    See more lovely fabrics at

    We also offer a fantanstic making service for curtains and blinds if you do not want to make your own. View this at Our prices are reasonable and we will make them quickly for you.

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.01.2014 19:50

  12. DIY Home Improvement Information |

    Mange gode artikler og videoer som er relevante for yrkesrettingen av mange forskjellige programområder.

    Knut Sverre Johnsen - 12.02.2014 13:17

  13. Crash Course

    John and Hank Green teaches different subjects as crash courses in a lively and entertaining way.

    Torleif Sleveland - 09.02.2015 10:03

  14. S1E3 - The Great British Sewing Bee Season

    Contestants sew Child's dress, tailor a dress and a create a made-to-measure jacket.

    Torleif Sleveland - 11.02.2015 11:46

  15. Kubisme - "kubehus" som skal brukes til oppbevaring eller dekorasjon

    Portrett av Picasso malt av Juan Gris

    Line Johnsen - 14.05.2013 09:43

  16. Indigenous Literature: Butterflies

    A lesson plan for working with Patricia Grace's Butterflies focussing on cultural differences and understanding. This is particularly related to the following competency goal from Kommunikasjon og Samhandling: grunngi og vurdere eigne haldningar og veremåtar når omsorg og utvikling hos brukaren er målet, uavhengig av kultur, religion, livsførsel og funksjonsnivå hos den andre

    Goal: Students will gain an understanding of different cultures value different things and that this can lead to misunderstandings when cultures meet.

    Bronia Hamilton - 14.05.2013 09:54

  17. Seksordsnovelle

    Dette er en fin måte å bevisstgjøre eleven på vendepunkt i novellesjangeren og valg av ord.

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.05.2013 11:21

  18. Health care in the USA

    This is a longer term project with both a written and oral assesment available.

    Students will gain an understanding of how Health Care is organised in the USA, the values behind this and how it affects the society.

    Resources for the following elements are available here:

    Bronia Hamilton - 14.05.2013 11:37

  19. Constructions and Instructions

    Based on the Landmarks in Construction text from Workshop vg1 Bygg- & anleggsfag, and Strømmen vgs’ bridge construction exercise, this lesson plan deals with understanding competence aims, writing instructions and assessing an end product.

    Teaching objectives. Pupils should:

    Torleif Sleveland - 14.05.2013 11:54

  20. The Moose and the Sparrow


    Dette opplegget tar utgangspunkt i en litterær tekst, The Moose and the Sparrow av Hugh Garner, og er delt opp i tre faser med spesiell fokus på lese- og skrivestrategier. Metodene er utarbeidet av Skrivesentret og finnes i heftet «I Skrivende Stund».

    Fase 1 Førskriving og lesing: Tenkeskriving

    Alternativ 1: Tenkeskriving til et bilde eller tegning (5 minutter)

    Alternativ 2: Tenkeskriving til et bilde om person, sted og tid (10-15 minutter)

    ginarn - 14.05.2013 12:48