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  1. Run and Read

    Elevene samarbeider om å lese, huske, si, lytte og skrive en tekst. Opplegget øver både muntlige, skriftlige og kommunkikative aktiviteter. Dette undervisningsopplegget er godt egnet som innledning til et større tema, for eksempel dokumentasjon av opplæring i praksisfeltet/prosjekt til fordypning. Finn en kort engelsk tekst om et tema innen barne- og ungdomsarbeiderfaget. Forslag: hygiene, måltid, beskrivelse av barne- og ungdomsarbeid. Teksten bør være på 6 - 15 linjer.


    inger-margrethe.el - 11.09.2013 15:33

  2. The Human Body

    Learning objectives: At the end of the lesson students will:

    • Learn and use body parts-idioms

    Irina Pattaeva - 19.02.2014 14:51

  3. Health and nutrition

    Tverrfagleg opplegg HO og engelsk - 13.10.2015 16:17

  4. Gifted Hands. The Ben Carson Story (a true story about a neurosurgeon)

    Pupils practise different basic skills by reading some excerpts from the book by Ben Carson or watching a TV film based on the book.

     There is an online educational package for teachers to stimulate oral and written communication in class.




    Tatjana Berg - 14.10.2015 11:19

  5. Social competance/social skills (ikke ferdig)


    Cooperation with children in your future occupation; for instance kindergarden



    Forstå barn

    Kommunisere med barn og deres foreldre på engelsk:

    Kunne disse begrepene

    Cooperation with children- samhandling mellom barn





    Beeing happy/joyful/playful= lek, glede, humør


    Grunnleggende ferdigheter:


    IKT - 13.10.2015 14:47

  6. Teens and sex

    Føraktivitet: diskutere temaet hvor elevene får finne ord som kan være aktuelle for prosjektet og det aktuelle temaet. F.eks: prevensjon, overgrep, seksuell trakassering, etikk, moral, grensesetting, debut.(de kan jobbe i par, grupper, rotasjon etc.) oppsummering på tavlen til slutt.


    Stine Pettersen - 13.10.2015 15:31

  7. The Ultimate Safari by Nadine Gordimer (full text online)

    The story is told through the eyes of a child; thus, it is not difficult to follow. However, it is a bit too long (has 2 parts)

    The important issues: refugees, war conflicts, refugee camps, families, compassion, empathy, global challenges, general humanity, children in war conflicts.

    The author reads from The Ultimate Safari:

    Tatjana Berg - 21.05.2015 11:15

  8. Tverrfaglig rollespill mellom engelsk og helse og oppvekst

    Tverrfaglig rollespill mellom engelsk og helse og oppvekst - 13.10.2015 15:58

  9. Computers in Nursery and early years of Primary School (Barnehagen)

    The lesson plan is divided into two main parts: (1) Debate about whether computers should be allowed in nurseries and early years at primary schools (equivalent to Barnehagen) and (2) Short essay.

  - 30.09.2015 16:00

  10. Creative story writing using equipment relating to the health and childcare professions

    The students are divided into groups and each group has to select a number of items from a bag using the lucky dip approach. They then have to write a story which involves themselves as the characters, together with the items that they have chosen. The aim is to develop skills in a number of areas: group work, creative thinking, creative writing at the same time as learning key words that the students will use in their future professions. It also presents an opportunity to discuss working in a multicultural society. The students think it's a fun activity too. - 27.10.2015 14:17

  11. Working as a paramedic

    You have chosen to study to become a paramedic. In this task you will explore different sides to the profession. How to become one, what to expect while working as a paramedic and the challenges and rewards you might face in your future professional life.  Below you will find a suggested recipe on what to include in this task. You may change the order of the different posts if you want, but remember to include all the relevant information.


    Lisa Stornes - 16.11.2015 18:27

  12. Running a kindergarten

    You have chosen to study to become a children-and-youth worker. One of the work areas you should be familiar with is childcare.

    In this task you have been given the opportunity to run a kindergarten for a full week. You are responsible for all the activities, staff and children who belong to your kindergarten and must plan and describe this week.

    Lisa Stornes - 16.11.2015 16:09

  13. Storyline - Nusery (Barnehagen) and Health Centre

    Storyline is a learning strategy, first introduced in Scotland in 1965, which has spread throughout the rest of Europe. Initially developed in primary school-settings its use has spread to secondary schools and further education colleges. In Norway it has been used at all three school levels. It is largely student-driven, activating oral and written skills. It requires group work with a high degree of cooperation needed. Students write up individually based upon group-decided criteria. The grand finale is a role-play, but this is optional. - 31.08.2015 11:53

  14. Lifestyle diseases

    Arbeidsoppgåve om livsstilsjukdommar, der elevane skal fortelje om ein livsstilsjukdom til pasient/brukar og pårørande. Presentasjonen elevane førebur er ein teoretisk del der dei presenterer sjukdommen, og informerer om den (sjå vedlegg), og ein praktisk del der dei viser ei arbeidsoppgåve ein helsefagarbeider vil utføre med pasient/brukar knytt til sjukdommen. Oppgåva er ei øving i å kunne presenterer medisinsk informasjon på ein måte som lekpersonar kan forstå, samt syne ei helsefagleg arbeidsoppgåve og forklare denne. Det er øving i munnleg kommunikasjon.

    kribef - 13.01.2016 12:59

  15. Fields of study in medicine

    Drag and drop task where you can match a field of medicine with what it focuses on. - 08.02.2016 17:35

  16. Food in English and Norwegian

    Translation, English-Norwegian words, Food - 09.02.2016 09:44

  17. Ambulance Paramedic Report

    What is expected of student: Report writing and Powerpoint presentation of incident with pictures and diagrams.

  - 08.02.2016 16:40

  18. Meals: 1

    Meals of the day - 09.02.2016 11:03

  19. Helse- og oppvekstfag - vocabulary

    Drag the matching words to the Norwegian word - 09.02.2015 16:04

  20. Love Story by Erich Segal (audio,1hour 20 min.)

    The audio of the famous book by Erich Segal (with subtitles) is a good source for learning English and English literature in particular.

    Pupils can work with the novel individually, in groups or in class. The level of difficulty is 3 , i.e. the text is quite easy.

    The novel discusses many themes such as love, the American Dream, education, social inequality, challenges and so on.

    Love Story can be used in vocational classes. Those students, who have problems reading long texts, can practice listening comprehension.

    Tatjana Berg - 20.01.2016 18:12