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  1. Electric Dreams: Gadgets from the Past

    In the BBC documentary Electric Dreams, a British family and their home are stripped of all modern technology to live a life of decades past. They start out in the year 1970, and for each new day (= new year), they are given new technology that was launched that particular year. We follow the family through three decades and three episodes (one hour each): the 1970s, the '80s and the '90s. - 10.02.2015 16:51

  2. USA immigration and The American Dream

    Students will learn which countries America's immigrants come from and why they choose to come to America. This unit of work can tie in to work on The American Dream. This is a lesson that students can work with independently. They will work with online resources and video resources.

    Bronia Hamilton - 14.05.2013 12:56

  3. Character Wrap, Focus on Literature

    Students work with a literary text discussing different characters and their challenges.

    The activity helps stimulate class/group discussions and practise writing  short texts.


    Tatjana Berg - 03.09.2015 11:32

  4. Could you pass a US citizenship test?

    A questionnaire  with correct answers will help revise some knowledge on the USA.

    Tatjana Berg - 04.09.2015 13:40

  5. Søk og skriv

    Søk & Skriv er nettbasert, men mye av materialet kan brukes i klasseroms-undervisning.

    Torleif Sleveland - 02.10.2015 10:20

  6. Et Plagieringseventyr UIB

    Mer info.

    Torleif Sleveland - 02.10.2015 10:12

  7. The Tempest by W. Shakespeare and other animations,audios and transcripts by BBC school radio

    The website is a helpful resource in studying literature. It has good animations and audios. Simplified texts are always provided.

    Tatjana Berg - 19.05.2015 18:53

  8. Great Books in Canadian Private Domain

    The website offers online novels, short stories and essays by popular writers, for example, Ernest Hemingway, C.S. Lewis.


    Tatjana Berg - 20.08.2015 10:47

  9. Mission: Mars (Communication)

    In a 4-step activity pupils practise reading, writing, speaking, listening and IT skills.

    They are assigned a credit/a passing grade for the activity.

    The objective of the lesson is to stimulate communication in class.

                                     Datagenerert vannspeil på mars. 

    Foto: Science photo library / NTB Scanpix. Lisens: CC by-nc-sa 

    Tatjana Berg - 29.04.2015 15:10

  10. Focus on Literature: Communication in FYR

    Pupils train basic skills (reading, writing, speaking) and learn to understand  fiction.



    Foto: Morten Holm / NTB Scanpix. Lisens: CC by-nc-sa 


    Tatjana Berg - 29.04.2015 13:33

  11. Eksamensforberedelse

    Dette er en oppgave som skal fungere som forberedelse for eksamen for elever i vg2 yrkesfag. Elevene skal i utgangspunktet gå igjennom oppgaven i grupper og lage en muntlig presentasjon for klassen. Hvis faglærer vil, så kan man også be om et skriftlig svar på oppgaven som kan brukes som vurderingsmateriale. 

    Oppgaven er laget med utgangspunkt at elever innenfor yrkesfag gjerne gjør det bra på eksamen hvis de kan finne den yrkesfagrettede oppgaven og anvende sin fagkunnskap på denne.

    Tid: 2-4 uker. - 14.04.2015 11:09

  12. A to Z of AFRICA - General Information of African Nation States

    A to Z of AFRICA - General Information of African Nation states

    A four-colors digitally separated quick reference e-map poster or a would be hand held printout folder publication, includes nearly 15 dependency islands, islets, and autonomous city states voted to stay under protection. A four-colors e-map poster illustrated with locator map, national flag, and emblem (coat of Arms) of individual African country accurately, presents much of  pan-African oriented works that promote and empower the African continent in the academic & education arena.

  - 25.08.2015 21:53

  13. Tupac Shakur lyrics analysis with interview from 1988

    Tupac Shakur is 17 years old in 1988, the age of most VG1 students. He is a teenager with strong opinions and engagement for his community, friends and family. He speaks about his mother, their life in poverty, and the choices a young man has to consider.

    2 Pac became what Elvis is for Rock and Roll and The Beatles is for pop music. He had a major influence on Rap and Hiphop in the 90’s and when he died in 1996 he has become an icon for a lot of youths world wide.

    Torleif Sleveland - 10.02.2015 12:20

  14. Hans Rosling: Global population growth, box by box

    Hans Rosling: Global population growth, box by box

    Hildegunn Moland - 10.11.2015 13:04

  15. Food truck fyll inn

    Fyll inn med riktig oversettelse - 11.11.2015 13:09

  16. Food truck

    Relevante faguttrykk engelsk-norsk - 11.11.2015 12:49

  17. iCivics

    Online games where you can learn about American government and politics. 

    Lisa Stornes - 17.11.2015 08:15

  18. In the Machining Workshop

    This is a role play between a teacher and a student /a sample of a guided tour in the workshop, meant for the foundation course students.

    Focus on tools, machines, HSE, info about the student`s workpiece.

    Gunta Dale - 17.11.2015 15:28

  19. HSE & Hazards In The Workshop

    This oral activity comprises different hazards for welders in a workshop. Lack of safety gear and health hazards can be discussed. These pictures are perfect for any vocational test or an oral English exam for welders. This oral activity can also be used for creative writing. Enjoy!

    Health hazards

    Gunta Dale - 17.11.2015 16:08

  20. på engelsk - informasjon om utdanningar og yrker er gjerne ei nettside mange elevar kjenner til frå søking til vgs, men sida kan også vere nyttig i samband med yrkesfaglege oppgåver, heildagsprøver og eksamen. Om ein vel den engelskspråklege versjonen av nettsida, får ein opp utdanningsprogram og informasjon om yrker på engelsk. Då slepp elevane å bruke mykje tid på å slå opp omgrep dei truleg ikkje finn i ei vanleg ordbok, i tillegg til at dei får med mange yrkesfaglege omgrep og beskriving av hovudarbeidsoppgåver og personlege eigenskapar innanfor dei ulike yrka.

    kribef - 24.11.2015 11:24