First Aid - Healthcare, Childhood and Youth Development


In this teaching project the pupils choose a first aid case as a starting point for their work. They work in groups of three and have to make a list of words that they will need in order to describe and act out their case. The main focus is on oral competence, but they will also make a detailed desription in writing of how to treat an injured person.

Ideas for peer assessment and follow-up activities are included.


The pupils should be able carry out basic first aid and explain what they do and why they do it in English


The pupils have learnt about first aid in their programme lessons.

Teacher: Copy handouts for the pupils (see ressurser) and check Internet links.


1. Work in groups of 3 students. Choose a first aid case, which means that an accident or a life-threatening situation has occurred and someone has been injured and is in desperate need of help.

Examples of such cases:

  • heart failure/heart attack
  • car accident with various kinds of injuries
  • drowning - you find a lifeless person in the water
  • someone having been in a fire and been seriously burned
  • someone has broken a leg
  • someone has been skiing and injured his/her neck
  • you find an unconscious person outside on a cold day
  • someone has had an accident bicycling and suffers from arterial bleeding
  • someone has got an object in his/her throat and can’t breathe
  • someone suffers from internal bleeding

Feel free to make your own cases as well.

2. Vocabulary list: make a list of words that you will need in order to describe and act out your case. Use the internet links for help.

3. Describe the situation. What do you see when you come to the place of the accident/injury?

4. Given the nature of your case, what is the first thing you have to do?

5. As a first aider, what will you do to help the person who is injured or suffers from a life threatening situation? Make a detailed description (instruction) of how you would treat the injured person.

6. Practice and act out the case in your group.


  • Peer assessment: Was the first aid procedures carried out satisfactorily?
  • Did the group explain what they did and why they did it in a clear and satisfactory manner?
  • What can be improved?

Teacher gives the groups a mark for the content and oral performance using the same criteria as for peer assessment.