Multicultural Builder Doughnut


This is an oral activity involving research about building site jobs, and cultural background about different countries.

The activity is based on a stucture inspired by Collaborative Learnig principles.

Split the class in two groups. Each in one group is given cards from the left column, and in the other from the right column. Give the students time to do research about their role.

All the students have to prepare a short presentation of their role, the different jobs on the building site, and the immigrants about their country.

The job roles stand in a circle, facing outwards. The immigrant group members stand in an outer circle, each facing one person in the first group.

Take time, and give the inner circle students time to present their job, then one minute to the outer circle students. After these two minutes, the students in the outer group move one step to the right, and the two-minute cycle is repeated.

If time permits, each student could also ask the partner a spontaneous question about what has been presented.

Print out the resouce sheet, and cut the role cards.