Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens: mini project


Students will study the film based on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens; they will learn about the Victorian age (listening activities from the BBC)

Students will practise basic skills, such as listening, reading, talking, writing.

They will search the internet for some information on child labour today (digital skills)

  1. Students watch Oliver Twist, BBC series online (it can be partly schoolwork and partly homework)
  2. Groups summarise the plot. The Word Bank in the assignment can be a helpful tool for some students/groups.
  3. Students study the life of some poor or wealthy children during the Victorian age and fill in table 1. They use the BBC source online.
  4. Groups use different links from the internet to collect information on Child Labour in the world today. Then they fill in table 2.


Each student gets a mark. Assessment is based on:

  • groupwork (cooperation, communication)
  • the submitted task (some tasks are done individually)
  • small talk with the group about the project

PC, headphones, the Internet