Make an Oral Presentation - First Aid


Emne: To save a life. Make an Oral Presentation.


  • Safety in health work.
  • Language and Communication.
  • Using words and expressions to do with the human body.

Learning aims:

  • Making an oral presentation
  • Safety in health work
  • Using words and expressions to do with the human body
  • Knowledge about HMS – Health, Safety and Environment (First Aid) at school/work

Working individually and time your presentation to; 5-10 minutes.


  • First Aid Instruction/Theory
  • Book a suitable room at school (auditorium) in advance and provide all the necessary safety equipment needed for a demonstration within First Aid.
  • The students will prepare themselves in advance of the demonstration by reading Workshop – First Aid p. 182-188.
  • Reflection about your Work Placement and the HMS routines regarding First Aid.
  • The English language at work.
  • Your own competence in English at this particular matter

Teacher: The evaluation and grades are given immediately after everyone finishing their oral presentation in class. Own reflection of the student

Oppfølging: An oral presentation in English next term will increase the students’ vocabulary in English in general.


  • Workshop Engelsk VG1 – Helse og Oppvekstfag.
  • Reading in class: Chapter 8 – Better Safe than Sorry.
  • Film: Når sekundene teller” dvd nr 6160252.
  • Film:«First Aid Instructional video» 14.59 minutes.
  • HMS week at school – Focus on HMS - Health, Safety and Environment within several subjects at school.