BA need some help


Study the text below:

An advertisement distributed on a Sunday afternoon in a neighborhood in Trondheim.

Understanding the text:

You can do this task either orally or in writing, in pairs or alone.

aTranslate the advertisement ‘Need some help

b Answer the following questions:

1 Who is this mailbox message from?

2 Who is it intended for?

3 What is the point of the advertisement?

4 How can you get in touch with the workers?

5 Do you think these are professional workers? Why/ why not?

6 Which professions are mentioned in bullet points 1-6? Do you know both the English name for the profession and its Norwegian translation?

7 Odd one out – which of the bullet points deals with an occupation that is not part of your vocational education?

8 Do you already know which one of the building and construction trades you want to study next year?

9 Do you think it is important to know English in order to work within the field of building and construction? Why?/ why not?