Research Project: Fibres & Textiles -- and Design for Valentine's Day Table Setting



  • Learn about various fibres, their properties and how they are used to make textiles
  • Learn to use written sources critically as a basis for an oral presentation
  • Learn about the tradition of Valentine's Day
  • Create a design for Valentine's Day Table Setting

End product:

  • 5-15 minute oral presentation, supported by posters, drawings and sample materials
  • A design for Valentine's Day Table Setting
  • Students work in pairs.
  • Make a presentation to be presented in a small group.
  • When you present you can use posters, pictures, drawings and sample materials (no powerpoint)
  • You are allowed to use keywords as a basis for what you say, but no long written texts
  • Make a list of sources that you hand in to the teacher - avoid plagiarism!
  • Length: a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 minutes per group

This research project has two parts:The first part has to do with researching fibres and textiles, and the second is presenting how those textiles would work best as part of a table setting for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Flax, cotton, wool and silk are man’s oldest sources of textile. Choose two of these fibres. Find out about their origins, their history and their uses today. What kinds of textiles are made from these fibres?
  2. Give examples of how you would use the textiles you have chosen as part of the table setting you would create for Valentine’s Day. Which of the fibres you have researched would best be used in your design? Give examples and show through drawings or pictures, how you would use those textiles.

PC & Internet connection

Posters, pictures, drawings, sample materials