Jobs and tools in Health and Social Care


Learning objectives: At the end of the lesson students will:

  • Learn, understand and use words related to jobs in Social and Health Care
  • (optional) learn the elements of short story
  • (optional) learn how to write a short story
  • (optional) learn how to self-evaluate own progress in learning English words/short story elements


Preteach vocabulary "Jobs"

1. Write a short story «A day at work».


  • Setting (when and where the story takes place, f.e. hospital, nursing home or other)
  • Characterization (your main character should have one of the jobs you have just learned about. Include the description of duties your main character discharges/performs at work every day )
  • Plot (sequence of events)
  • Climax (the problem your main character faces in the story)
  • Resolution (how your main character solves the problem)

Use Story Organizers bellow to plan your story

2. Prepare and act out a role play

3. Students make up sitiuations «Who do I need?»

F.e. I need to get some medicine using prescription Who do I need?

4. «Who am I?» riddle activity

F.e. I am a person who gives advice to people, especially older people and the parents of very young children, about health care, sometimes by visiting them in their own homes. Who am I?

pen/pencil, notebook