Brakes: oral communication in FYR (mechanics)


Pupils practise different basic skills: writing, talking, reading and IT literacy.

Warm up activity: 3 min. writing about brakes

Pair work: discussing questions in pairs (the set of questions aboout the brake system)

Role play: pupils write a dialogue between a mechanic and an American tourist that has faulty brakes.

Follow up activity: Pupils can read Drive in a motorcar by Roald Dahl (short story analysis)

The website www.wikihow gives step by step instructions on different operations in the garage.

1. Warming up activity : writing for 3 min (why do we need safe brakes?)

2. Class discussion based on the previous exercise.

3. Pair work: pupils answer the questions; study different instructions on the website (a link)

4. Role play : in pairs pupils write a dialogue= a real life situation "Meet a foreign customer" A mechanic meets an American tourist who has faulty brakes.

Follow-up activity: Pupils can read a short story Driving in a motor car by Roald Dahl

Pupils can work independently, the task is work related and can be used for oral exams in vocational classes.

Every pupil can get a passing credit for the task: oral communication


a laptop, the internet, pen, paper