Any Day Can Be A Bad Day. A Wedding Planner (written communication in FYR)


The activities improve basic skills in reading, talking and writing.

The final product is a message to a Facebook friend.

1. Let`s get started: My Dream job (write for 3 min.) Read in pairs

2. Select some information from the website to answer the questions.

3. Write a message to your Facebook friend about a bad day in the office.


Criteria for assessment (each student is assigned a grade):


  1. Ability to understand the text from the Internet;

  2. Ability to extract the necessary information to answer the questions correctly.

  3. Ability to use some information from the website as well as own fantasy  to create a believable text (task 2) with good cohesion and flow.

  4. The text (task 2) is logically built and  has good examples from “real life experience”

  5. Good command of English when it comes to grammar, spelling, linking words, vocabulary, syntax.


A laptop, the internet,

paper, pen/pencil (optional)